16 Week Mind & Body Program

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16 Week Mind & Body

  • Full custom Workout Program

  • Custom Meal Plan

  • Unlimited in-app messaging with your coach through our own
  • private coaching app where you will see your programs and be able to track your progress.

  • A video call with your trainer once a month to check in and
  • discuss your plan, progress, and goals.

  • Access to our Facebook group with people who are on the same
  • fitness journey as you. This is important for motivation

  • Build new habits and a sustainable healthy lifestyle

  • Supplement Stack To help reach your goals. We pay for it!

How Your Program Will Go

Phase 1

  • Implement healthy habits and build confidence
  • it’s all about “resetting” your metabolism and preparing your body for phase 2. ​
  • Follow a 4-week meal plan / macros
  • Follow a Workout program

Phase 2

  • Experience the formation of a healthy lifestyle that aligns with your preferences, allowing you to pursue your goals sustainably.
  • Your trainer will modify your plan in response to your well-being and the progress you achieve. If you desire greater diversity in your meals or training regimen, feel free to communicate your preferences at any point!
  • Depending on your goal we may start carb cycling to effectively reduce fat and foster the development of lean, well-defined muscle.
  • The intensity of workouts will progressively increase, enhancing their effectiveness as you simultaneously build muscle and eliminate more fat.

Phase 3

  • Tailor your personalized program to perfection, ensuring each aspect is enjoyable, and maintain consistent progress towards achieving your goals.
  • Discover advanced training strategies and dietary alternatives that propel your fat loss and body shaping endeavors to new heights.
  • Cap it off with a final fitness reassessment to gain insights into the next steps on your fitness journey!)
  • Acquire the knowledge of utilizing both training techniques and nutritional adjustments to surpass plateaus, ensuring you never experience the frustration of feeling stuck due to a lack of progress again.

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